Friday, January 19, 2018


A force is necessary to put an object in motion. We explored this with cars and ramps. Then we predicted which car would hit the wall first when we raced cars on varying ramps. We practiced tally marks to keep track. Ask us what we learned. This was fun! Next? Friction.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

How To

We started learning how to write a how to book !
I think I would be a better writer today if my teacher started with M & M's. At least, that is what I am hoping! We are learning that we can teach what we know with our writing. We know how do so many things: How to get ready for bed, how to take care of a dog, how to make a taco. We will learn the importance of using specific steps in order or sequence . And if we can say it... We can write it. We are brave writers! I encourage you to try sone how to writing at home. 


We are loving this flip counter on
It gives a great visual and cool clinky noise when we count ti 100. Please try it at home. It is helping us get past the 'decades' (29-30 and 39-40) when we count. 

Monday, January 15, 2018


It takes a FORCE to put an object in motion. We explored our own movement and learned to draw pictures of ourselves in MOTION!


We continue to talk and read about what it means to be part of team. How do we contribute to our learning community?
We talked about the Amazing Aspen Tree. Did you know that an Aspen Grove called Pando is the largest living organism on Earth? It is larger than a Blue Whale? Why? Although we see all the individual trees in the grove.. They are connected below the ground by a shared root system! They work together to move water to the trees that are needing it the most! And together they are stronger! They are fire resistant trees!!
Yes, taking care of our TEAM makes us all stronger!
We listed some ways we help each other learn and grow and made our on Aspen Grove!

Gingerbread Stories

We have been reading so many stories.
We compared and contrasted the settings,  characters and endings of  different versions of this familiar tale. Ask your child their favorite! We also read Stop That Pickle, The Runaway Tortilla, and The Cajun Cornbread Boy. 
We sampled a gingerbread man cookie and made a graph about our first bite!

Dot Day

We made our mark on this fun, special day! We read The Dot by Peter Reynolds. Then we broke into TEAMs made of K-5 groups. We each decorated a dot. Then we put all of our 'marks' together to make one big, beautiful mural!